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The mentor’s mentor

A serial entrepreneur and founder of the Association of Business Mentors, Kerrie knows what it takes to make your mentoring business a real success.

Business mentor

Kerrie has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 20, seeing niches and filling them. Utilising this first hand experience she became a business mentor to those wishing to mirror her success and avoid similar pitfalls.


Kerrie trains business mentors to be the best they can be. This is done through interactive training courses for various levels of experience. Kerrie Dorman Ltd is an approved ABM trainer and courses are accredited. 

Founder of ABM

Frustrated by a lack of industry standards, Kerrie founded the Association of Business Mentors to provide business owners with reassurance that their mentor had been through an approval process that checked both experience and credibility.

An introduction to business mentoring Kerrie talks you through it.

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