I am a resident mentor for clients offering drop in sessions and programmes depending on individual company requirements.
My attendance ranges from once a quarter to fortnightly again as team demand and budget dictates. I mentor Founders and MD’s through to support roles.

A few examples of solutions I’ve helped provide:

  • Confidence and clarity with role requirements
  • Efficient communication; shedding frustrations
  • Refined and alternative methods to achieve individual targets
  • Introduce managed entrepreneurial spirit; thinking outside the box
  • Reinforced levels of respect and motivation
  • Sense of urgency on project completion
  • Effective team cooperation and productivity
  • Listening skills
  • Political harmony

Alternatively, I run training courses across the country independently and in house for Mentors should there be a company programme in operation or plans to initiate one which I can assist with implementing on site.

Words like; explore, capitalise, empower, stabilise, solve, growth and confidence are all used to describe my mentoring.