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External Mentoring

External Mentoring

We match your team member with a mentor from a select group chosen for their powerful mix of industry experience together with mentoring skills, coach training and consultancy background. Our Mentors can dip into all three disciplines. Matching takes into consideration specialist skill sets and personalities. Mismatching rarely happens. When it does a rematch is made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Session frequency depends on the individual requirement and progress made. Workshops tie in the work done, if necessary with the all mentees and reinforces communication, motivation to work together as well managing upwards and with direct reports.


Internal Mentoring Schemes

Internal Mentoring Schemes

Tap into the expertise within your company.

We work with HR Departments to set these up or refine, motivate and provide training to existing schemes. The process post initial exploration and assessing interest is:


We provide a manual, tools and templates including session notes, basic techniques and use a software to compile it all, accessible to all.



We are unique because of our matching process which means for your team mentoring is highly effective immediately. All mentors are full members of The Association of Business Mentors, have achieved elite levels of education and follow a framework that looks at cognitive and practical abilities of the individual.

Example Requirement: Company A

Newly appointed Heads of Department needed advice and guidance on reporting to the Board. Each had different methods and manner in communication to their direct reports, to each other and reporting to a board was completely unknown. This needed to be aligned as well provide confidence and focus on what their new role required of them.

Our actions and support- We carried out a ‘matching’ day where all four Heads of Department had an initial exploration session. It transpired that we needed three different Mentors to accommodate a variety of skill set. The programme lasted nine months with two sessions each in the first month followed by once a month thereafter except for one who requested ongoing mentoring for another six months. The mentors liaised monthly and ran two workshops with all four mentees and Head of HR. This ensured that they were comfortable and efficient with each other erasing all inhibitions as well as limiting ego.

Example Requirement: Company B

A request for an internal mentoring scheme had been made however the Head of HR had previous experience with poorly run schemes resulting in high frustrations and time wastage.

Our actions and support – We compiled a survey for a pilot scheme to assess true appetite and the response was good. All those interested, from support to partner level were invited to attend two training sessions. We worked together with HR to match ten pairs for the pilot. Session notes are sent to us to monitor and we provide ongoing support and reviews to ensure a healthy forward moving initiative with highly beneficial results.

All clients remain 100% confidential